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Healing Play child therapy of Murfreesboro, Tennessee and Hayley Osborne, Play Therapist,
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What is play therapy and how is it healing? According to the Association for Play Therapy (APT), "Play therapy is a form of counseling (or psychotherapy) by which licensed mental health professionals use play-based models and techniques to better communicate with and help clients, especially children, achieve optimal mental health."

It is a way for children to "work through" their problems through the play itself or it can be a catalyst for dialogue between child/therapist, and Healing Play child therapy. 

There are MANY types of play therapy and counseling and Healing Play of Murfreesboro, TN. is eclectic in its approach. However, I prefer to be nondirective (letting the child take the lead) unless the child is not progressing and we need to target a specific behavioral problem that is not responding to treatment. I give homework assignments on occasion (especially to teenagers) and require parent participation. I also believe in setting treatment goals during intake. I also do a specific type of play therapy called Theraplay® that addresses attachment issues that result from prior child abuse/neglect. For more information about Theraplay®, click HERE.

Children (especially young ones) are not always equipped with the language skills/emotional intelligence to verbally express what they are feeling. It is a revelation to many children to be in a playroom, which is their natural environment instead of sitting on a couch, answering adult questions. I tell children, “Instead of talking about your problems we can play about it.” There is also research from the Association for Play Therapy that supports that play therapy WORKS. It is a memorable experience in which true HEALING can take place.

"Experience the healing power of play."


Play Therapy - Healing Play Child Therapy -  Child counseling - Murfreesboro, TN.  

Healing Play offers help through Play Therapy with the following disorders.

 Anxiety disorders
Trauma/Sexual Abuse
Childhood schizophrenia
Autism spectrum
Self esteem issues
Social anxiety
Adoption issues
Cultural issues
Cutting/self harm
Child/parent problems
Issues related to learning disabilities
Preschool/daycare consulting


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"Experience the healing power of play."
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